Photo: Emilio Sabín/INBA


Nights of Dance, created by the Mexican Secretariat of Culture and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), will bring the arts back into the comfort of people’s homes this week.

The program was created to provide Mexican citizens access to the fine arts during the pandemic, allowing them to stream performances of dances, operas and concerts online from their couch.

Dance group Barro Rojo Arte Escénico will present its latest performance, “It Is Known, Not Thought,” from Tuesday, Dec. 8, to Thursday, Dec. 10, on INBAL’s streaming platform.

“It Is Known, Not Thought” was choreographed by dancer Julio Hernández, who tapped into his own personal history to create the piece.

Hernández said the performance was inspired by settling accounts with the past, and an expression of grief and loss, visualized as a fragile dandelion in the wind.

The director of Barro Rojo Arte Escénico, Laura Rocha, said the dance is representative of the company as a whole, as it strives to confront reality and “expose it” throughout its members’ performances.

Barro Rojo Arte Escénico’s performance of the dance will be available for streaming through INBAL’s Contigo en el distancia portal from Tuesday, Dec. 8 to Thursday, Dec. 10 at 9 p.m.

…Dec 8. 2020

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