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Italian restaurateur Rolly Pavia revealed his new restaurant, Osteria del Becco, to Mexico City in a soft opening held on Thursday, Dec. 10. 

The Colonia Polanco based eatery resides on Goldsmith in the former location of Grupo Becco’s first establishment, L’Osteria del Becco, that was conceived in 2002. The building has been completely renovated to provide a fresh, updated feel to match the new concept.

The eatery has a brick pizza oven. Photo: Osteria del Becco

Upon arrival, a quiet outdoor seating area greets guests, with a few intimate tables tastefully placed around the main entrance. Lush greenery and towering trees contrast beautifully with the concrete façade of the building, and an enormous glass window to the left offers visitors a sneak peek into the bustling kitchen.

“At around 3 p.m., the light reflects through the window perfectly to cast a rainbow directly onto our brick pizza oven,” said Bridget Anderson, a marketing and public relations representative for Osteria del Becco.

“It’s my favorite part of the day in the restaurant.”

Inside, an intricately curated wine cellar, replete with a glass floor, looks down on to the main dining room.

Pizza Margherita. Photo: Osteria del Becco

Expertly chosen woven textiles in the curtains and seating add a homey feel to the industrial concrete and brick interior.

A giant patio area with a large bar flanks the back of the restaurant, featuring a hydraulic roof so that guests can enjoy the area rain or shine.

Gastronomically, Osteria del Becco offers its attendees a variety of delicious Italian dishes created by chef Tobias Petzold.

All the ingredients used are imported from Italy, and pastas are handcrafted daily by the kitchen staff to create an authentic and fresh dining experience.

For starters, the restaurant offers a warm focaccia drizzled in olive oil, accented by prosciutto crudo and a variety of cheeses. A tomato jelly on the side adds an extra jolt of flavor to the already-mouthwatering dish.

Next, a creamy burrata is set atop flavorful peperonata.

Several delectable pizzas are offered fresh from the rainbow-lit oven, including the traditional Margherita and a pizza blanco topped with more prosciutto crudo.

Pasta trufa. Photo: Osteria del Becco

Osteria del Becco also features a wide variety of pasta options, from creamy pappardelle ragu, to ricotta-stuffed ravioli in lemon-butter sauce, and the pasta trufa is sure to tempt all truffle lovers with its rich flavor. 

Dessert options such as tiramisu and milhojas make a sweet end to the savory culinary experience.

The new Grupo Becco concept aims at accessibility to all, young and old alike.

The restaurant even offers private cellars for purchase by guests in their wine room.

Osteria del Becco is due to open to the public soon.

…Dec. 11, 2020

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