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Falling for Pre-Fall


Designers around the globe have begun dictating the next trends of the fashion world by revealing their newest pre-fall collections to the masses.

The fashion industry has always operated sixth months ahead of everyone else.

Gucci pre-fall. Photo: Gucci

This way, buyers from major clothing stores can get in large orders before the season shown for actually arrives.

This delay between showing and sale serves as a clairvoyant prediction of trends to come, allowing consumers to get a sneak peak of what they’ll be wearing in half a year.

Pre-fall collections are usually a smaller release by brands between the larger summer and fall collections.

The clothes in these drops are designed for the transition between seasons, from light sweaters to long, wispy skirts. 

These in-between releases usually make their runway debut in November and December, before the larger fall/winter collections show in February of the upcoming year.

Resort collections serve the same function for the winter to spring transitional period, showing before the spring/summer collections.

With fashion increasingly becoming available straight off the runway, pre-fall collections give an additional opportunity for brands to make crucial sales before the holiday season. 

Prada pre-fall 2020. Photo: Prada

As the coronavirus pandemic continues taking the world by storm, brands have had to adapt to the changing times with new formats of their runway shows and collection debuts.

Drumming up some extra business before the end of the year by releasing a pre-fall collection is an opportunity too good to pass up for most designers.

Gucci, under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, debuted its pre-fall collection through a series of polaroids taken by photographer Gus van Sant.

The vintage feel of the photographs blended perfectly with Michele’s signature retro-inspired looks, a timeless series that could be from 1981 or 2020.

Gucci’s release is dominated by large collars, from giant lapels on dinner jackets to unisex button ups to tucked-in polos.

Some of the looks are camp counselor-chic, featuring cropped T-shirts over short shorts and high socks.

Jil Sander pre-fall look 41. Photo: Jil Sander

Colorful prints mixed and matched with khaki elements take us back to a church basement in the 1980s, but in the effortlessly way only Michele can pull off.

Look forward to beige-tones being cool again, courtesy of Gucci.

Similar themes are echoed in Jil Sander’s pre-fall collection, headed by Lucie and Luke Meyer.

Oversized, large-lapeled blazers brought an updated feel to the label, which has traditionally mixed masculine elements into its womenswear designs through structured suits.

The Meyers updated their traditional suit-wear with fresh textile choices like leather and single-button closures to complement the large garments.

The collection features a more restrained color pallet than that of Gucci, a sea of navy, black and beige with a pop of color here and there in the details.

More feminine approaches to pre-fall trends came through in the collections of Ulla Johnson and Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera pre-fall look 29. Photo: Carolina Herrera

Johnson incorporated muted color-tones into an array of patterned, flowing dresses, continuing the puff-sleeve trend we have seen from the past year.

Herrera debuted another dress-filled collection with loud animal prints and bursts of red and blue among an otherwise monotone black and white collection.

Both designers focused on high-necked pieces, making low-plunging necklines seemingly a thing of a past.

Based on the pre-fall 2021 collections, shopping in a store in six months will feel like sifting through a thrift store bargain bin.

Anticipate the trend towards conservatism to keep prevailing, with high necked patterned dresses plentiful enough to dress a gaggle of kids for church in the 80s.

Oversized blazers abound will rival the best of grandpa’s closet, and beige tones will take hold on the world.

The old-school kick featured in collections this season brings on an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that is very welcome in an uncertain modern world. Expect other brands to follow suit, quite literally.

…Dec 15, 2020.

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