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Mexico City has started 2021 with a ban on single-use plastics throughout the capital, according to Mexico City’s Secretariat of Environment (Sedema).

As of Jan. 1, 2021, the marketing, distribution and sale of single-use disposable plastics is no longer allowed in Mexico’s capital.

Under the new ban, all plastic cutlery, straws, plates, cotton swabs, balloons, single-use coffee capsules, cups and their lids are prohibited from being sold in Mexico City.

The rule comes as part of the Capital Solid Waste Law (LRS) that was passed in May of 2019 in an effort to increase Mexico City’s sustainability efforts.

The LRS initially saw the ban of single-use plastic bags in Mexico City back in January 2020.

Sedema said sanctions would not be applied during the first month of the ban’s implementation, allowing time for the capital’s inhabitants to be informed regarding the new rules and adapt to them.

According to the LRS, the manufacturing of single-use plastics for commercial purposes could potentially result in a fine of up to 168,980 pesos.

The restrictions on plastic are part of an effort to increase Mexico City’s sustainability and improve its environment, which ranked as the 36th most-polluted city in the world in 2020.

Prohibiting single-use plastics is hoped to help citizens consume more responsibly, output less waste and stop the generation of new pollution.

…Jan. 4, 2021

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