Photo: U.S. Embassy


The U.S. Embassy in Mexico issued an advisory to citizens Wednesday, Jan. 7, stating that, until further notice, it will only be offering emergency appointments at its Mexico City chancellery due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“In response to changes in the /covid-19 infection risk) status in Mexico City and neighboring states,” the advisory said, “the U.S. Embassy Mexico City American Citizen Services is scheduling emergency appointments only.”

The notice went on to stat that cancellation emails have been sent out for all routine appointments for the next two weeks.

Consular Agencies in Oaxaca, San Miguel and Acapulco will continue seeing a limited number of emergency passport and notarial appointments, it said.

San Miguel plans to reduce its appointment load from 10 a day to just five a day for the next week, starting Monday, Jan. 11.

The embassy that that it would reassess its appointment volume as the risk level status changes.

…Jan. 8, 2021

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