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It’s February, the month of love.

Indeed, there is no emotion more worthy of its own month than love.

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But as much as we should use this month to remind ourselves to be kind and considerate to those we care about, we must also remember to love ourselves.

After all, every type of human love begins with self-love.

So while you are busy purchasing those big red boxes of chocolates wrapped up in pink ribbons and sending out heart-shaped valentines to those who are near and dear, don’t forget to indulge yourself as well.

Set aside some “me time” to savor a nice porcelain cup of herbal tea or linger in a warm bubble bath as you read your favorite romance novel.

Here are some ways to pamper your mind and body for these love-focused 28 days, and long after that.

Sun Defense

Protecting yourself is an important part of self-love, and one way to start is through the faithful application of sunscreen every day.

The Italian hair- and skincare brand Nashi (famous for its argan-laden products that make even the most unruly tresses behave) has released a special trio of hair sun protectors to fend off the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays.

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The handy threesome includes a Nashi Beach Argan spray, a Nashi After Sun Shampoo and a Nashi After Sun Mask.

The Beach Argan spray helps to nourish and hydrate hair, while shielding against the adverse impact of sun, salt water and chlorine damage.

And the After Sun Shampoo and After Sun Mask help reverse and repair accumulated damage to leave hair looking fresh and healthy.

All Nashi products are made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

Blooming Blush

Sisley, that-oh-so-costly-but-oh-so-worth-it French cosmetic and skincare line, has just added a new powder blush to its zebra-striped Phyto makeup collection.

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Available in six vibrant and luminous shades (including a highlighter) that adapt to any skin tone, Le Phyto-Blush is an ultra-light powder enriched with botanical oils to ensure complete softness and comfort.

Like all Sisley products, La Phyto-Blush has the science of plants at the heart of its formula.

Camellia oil, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, provides softness, suppleness and elasticity to the skin, while cottonseed oil, also rich in omega 6, nourishes and provides emollient properties to hydrate even the driest of complexions.

Soft-focus effect micas help diffuse light and embellishes the cheeks with a soft and natural-looking veil of color and light.

This non-powdery powder glides onto the skin and blends seamlessly with an easily buildable glow.

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Love Is in the Air

If you are thinking about buying yourself jewelry or looking for something for your favorite beau to give you on St. Valentine’s Day, consider pointing him in the direction of the nearest Tous boutique.

The Spanish family-run jewelry brand has a whole new collection created just for the occasion, Tous Color of Love.

From diamond-studded, heart-shaped pendants and rings, to cute little three-D birdies on chokers and finger ringlets, to heart-beat red purses, there is something for every taste in this give-me-love collection.

Now in its 101st year, the Tous brand was started by the family’s patriarch who began as an apprentice watchmaker.

Today, it is a global enterprise, with over 4,000 employees around the world, operating in 50-plus countries through more than 700 stores.

Amor Mexicano

Mexico’s own leading jeweler Daniel Espinosa has also created a special St. Valentine’s Day collection, titled Love Is Everywhere, with a overriding message that there are all types of love to celebrate in February.

Photo: Daniel Espinosa

Moving beyond romantic affection, the collection focuses on deep friendships and parental love, which, the brand says, can be expressed through distinct forms and colors.

In addition to its primary Je T’aime and Cupido pieces, full of miniature hearts, Eros figures and gushy romance, the collection includes a subgroup called Affinity, which incorporates zodiac signs and other personalized icons. 

There is also a group of rings, bracelets and pendants of written phrases such as “I Love You”, appropriately titled Letters of Love, and a Maya-inspired sub-collection, Straight to the Heart, with little gold and jade hummingbirds (the pre-Columbian equivalent of Cupid).

According to a pre-Hispanic legend, the ancient Maya gods created the hummingbird from handcrafted jade and blew life into the tiny creation, which immediately flew away.

The sacred fowl was associated with elegance and frailty — as well as romance — because of its unique ability to approach the most delicate flowers without moving a single petal.

A native of the Guerrero mountain city of Taxco, Latin America’s traditional silver capital, Espinosa was born into a family of jewelers and later moved to Mexico City to study business administration.

Photo: Daniel Espinosa

While there, he served as a sale rep for various Taxco jewelers, and eventually began designing his own pieces.

Subsequently, Espinosa moved to California, where he studied international jewelry-making techniques, to which he faithfully incorporated traditional Mexican styles and themes.

In his time abroad, Espinosa apprenticed under the likes of Van Cleef and Arpels before traveling to Europe to further hone his mastery.

In 1997, he returned to Mexico and launched his own line of jewelry, which has always included minimalist designs crafted from Mexican silver.

His new collection is available for sale through Daniel Espinosa’s website and at boutiques and sales points nationwide.

His designs can also be found in Palacio de Hierro department stores across Mexico, and on Amazon.

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Vegan Beauty

Loving yourself also means loving nature.

Go natural with your beauty routine with the new Aveda all-vegan line of skincare products.

Aveda makeup and skincare products have always used naturally-derived ingredients wherever possible, but now, as of January, they are fully vegan, meaning that they contain no animal-derived ingredients, while still delivering results that work (and they still have those fresh, iconic Aveda aromas we all know and love).

The company has completely reformulated its products that contained beeswax, honey and bee derivatives, replacing these ingredients with effective yet vegan alternatives.

Aveda has also announced its first global ambassador, model and climate activist, British-American fashion sensation Arizona Muse, who now serves at the brand’s global sustainability advocate.

…Feb. 4, 2021

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