Morena gubernatorial candidate for the state of Guerrero Félix Salgado Macedonio. Photo: Google


Controversy has arisen over the ratification of the nomination of Félix Salgado Macedonio as the the National Regeneration Movement’s (Morena) candidate for governor in the coastal Mexican state of Guerrero, following several allegations of rape against him.

Two women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against Salgado, including one woman who claimed she was assaulted in 1998 by the gubernatorial candidate when she was a minor, and another allegation dating from 2016 by a worker at La Jornada Guerrero, where Salgado served as director of the newspaper at the time.

In the case from 2016, Salgado is accused of drugging and raping his employee in his own house and later blackmailing her with photos he took of her following the alleged assault.

Guerrero’s prosecutor’s office and the National Commission of Honesty and Justice (CNHJ) promised to investigate the claims against Salgado, though the CNHJ faced backlash for barring the victim’s lawyers from attending parts of the trial, as well as switching hearing locations at the last minute without giving notice to the victim’s team, creating speculation about a possible cover-up of Salgado’s alleged crimes.

The situation caused a divide within the Morena party, which saw over a hundred Morena deputies send a letter to the party’s national president, Mario Delgado, requesting Salgado’s resignation.

Delgado, however, defended the nomination of Salgado since he has not been convicted on any charges, saying on Jan. 31, that “as long as Félix Salgado maintains his political rights, he is our candidate; there is no sentence by any authority that proves that he has committed any crime.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) doubled down on Delgado’s defense during his press conference on the morning of Thursday, Feb. 18, calling the coverage of Salgado’s alleged crimes a “media lynching” and questioning the validity of the victims’ claims.

“You have to trust the people of Guerrero,” said AMLO, leaving the outcome of the situation up to the population’s vote in July.

…Feb. 19, 2021


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