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Mexicans fortunate enough to receive a vaccine against covid-19 have been asked for their CURP (Individual national identification) and voting credentials upon arrival to the inoculation site, which would then be photographed and put on record by National Regeneration Movement (Morena) public servants, causing outrage among opposition parties, and a proclamation of innocence from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

The National Action Party (PAN) spoke out against this practice, claiming the request for and documentation of these credentials violates the Mexican Constitution and the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, claiming it was being done “to influence electoral competition” as the country’s midterm elections approach in June.

PAN asked for the National Electoral Institute (INE) to make the documentation practice stop immediately and for Morena to refrain from acts “aimed at benefiting from using official documents and data to carry out electoral political expressions to influence electoral competition.”

Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell announced the end to the practice following the controversy, though he said that the documentation of voting credentials was only for the purpose of logistics, since the identification lists the name, address, CURP and relevant information of each patient. 

“The use of the vaccine should not be restricted under any circumstances to a person who makes the free and sovereign decision that his credential or person should not be photographed,” said López-Gatell.

“There is no intention to act in an illegal and perverse way, imagine!” said AMLO during his press conference Wednesday, Feb. 18.

López Obrador called the PAN’s accusations “offensive” and took the opportunity to pit his Morena as morally above its opposition, saying “we are not the same.”

…Feb. 19, 2021


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