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Mexico’s beginning of 2021 has started off on a violent, deadly foot. according to figures from the organization Causa en Común (Cause in Common), which registered 963 victims of atrocity in the country already this year.

Cause in Common defines an atrocity as any intentional use of force to cause death, laceration or extreme mistreatment and provocation of terror, with the crime figures revealed in the organization’s publication ‘Gallery of Horror: Atrocities recorded in journalistic media, January-February 2021.’

According to the report, the most common committed atrocity was torture, with 158 reported cases, followed by 156 counts of clandestine graves and 115 reports of burning.

The Mexican state of Guanajuato reportedly had the largest number of victims, with 120, followed by the states of Jalisco and Chihuahua, which registered 98 and 69 victims, respectively.

“There are states in which there is a clear correspondence between criminal statistics and atrocity records,” read Cause in Common’s report. “For example, Guanajuato leads the number of murders in the country (including police officers), and also the list of victims of atrocities recorded by the press.”

…March 5, 2021

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