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Mexico City’s Congress proposed on Friday, March 6, that the current Public Health Law for the capital be modified to allow the implementation of a covid-19 vaccine certificate that residents could use to facilitate travel and work opportunities.

The legislative initiative, which is expected to pass without opposition, was first proposed by conservative National Acton Party (PAN) Deputy Christian Von Roehrich and would establish an entire chapter of the capital law to cover the National Certificate of Voluntary Vaccination (CNVV), as well as modifying several existing chapters to deal with the virus.

The new National Certificate of Voluntary Vaccination would be distributed free-of-charge and would provide a chronological record of covid and other vaccinations that would be recognized internationally as a healthy-traveler document.

Under current Mexican law, there is no national vaccine certificate, so each state is required to handle the matter on its own.

…March 9, 2021

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