The Runway Rundown

Harry Styles performing at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. Photo: Twitter

Grading the Grammy’s


The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards came and went on Sunday, March 15, leaving behind a slew of statement stylings the music industry’s stars have been waiting almost a year to wear following a drought of live awards shows during the first year of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The Grammy’s has historically pulled in a much younger viewing audience than the tux-and-gown-filled ceremonies of the Oscars and the Golden Globes, inspiring its attendees to push the boundaries with their sartorial choices with bold cuts and fun colors in an attempt to both appeal to the target demographic and outwardly satisfy an artist’s own inner whimsy.

As always, when pushing the boundaries of fashion, some looks of the show were stunning, and others were a bit more lackluster. Without further ado, here are some of the best and worst looks from Sunday night’s red carpet.

Best Use of Color

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion wearing Dolce and Gabbana. Photo: Twitter

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion catapulted to the top of the charts this year and cemented herself as a true fixture in the industry by winning three Grammy awards, including Best New Artist.

Megan pulled up to the ceremony wearing a classic strapless number from Dolce and Gabbana, featuring a large bow in the back, and an a-la-Marilyn Monroe’s legendary “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” gown, with diamonds draped around the neck to boot.

The young rapper’s iteration of Monroe’s dress featured a beautiful sunset orange hue, bringing out the warmth in Megan’s skin color and amplifying what could have been a boring choice into a gorgeous and flattering representation of the songstress’s rise to stardom.

Most Confusing Choice

Sister group Haim donned a trio of lavender pieces from blue-chip brand Prada, in a confusing choice that shows why some looks are best just left for the runway.

The clunky pieces looked more like deconstructed Prada backpacks than items fit for an award show, and the confusing styling was only exacerbated by intense wrinkling all throughout the garments.

Music group Haim wearing Prada. Photo: Twitter

The indie threesome completed their look with the chunky middle part bangs seen recently on the Italian fashion house’s runway, and while their commitment to the look can absolutely be appreciated, the sleek-do clashed with the un-steamed puckers in the fabric, taking what could have potentially been a slick mod-inspired look and making it illegible.

Best Throwback Reference

Dua Lipa donned a sparkling dress from Versace for the event, featuring sexy see-through panels and cut-outs that were balanced out by the gown’s cotton-candy color scheme and crystal butterfly appliqué detailing.

The Albanian pop star seemingly references two influential women musicians with her look. First and foremost, the styling exudes similar energy to a Bob Mackie-designed look for Cher, with her pin-straight, hip-length black locks and iridescent makeup details, alongside the use of daring cutouts and shimmery finishes. 

Throwback references of the evening from Harry Styles in Gucci and Dua Lipa in Versace. Photo: Twitter

The dress was also a nod to many-times-over Grammy award winner Mariah Carey, who iconically wore a similar bedazzled butterfly top in the early 2000’s while promoting her album (you guessed it!) “Butterfly,” a look that has since been reposted a thousand times over across social media the past couple of years as the Y2K aesthetic came back on trend in full force.

Lipa’s look for the evening was a perfect blend of youthful fun and pop culture with a provocative silhouette, signifying the crooner’s transcendence from teen breakout star into a Grammy-award-winning artist.

Worst Throwback Reference

Harry Styles also took a page from the past when styling his red carpet look for the night, choosing a custom look from Alessandro Michele’s Gucci (the designer and fashion house that Styles has remained fiercely loyal to since 2015), consisting of a yellow plaid blazer and brown pants accessorized by a lilac feather boa.

Styles, whose boyish charm and general unabashed embracement of high fashion usually can pull off any outfit, missed the mark on Sunday, as the mish-mashed styling looked like the rocker borrowed Cher Horowitz’s “Clueless” closet outfit creator and it went haywire.

While the lilac and yellow tones featured are currently right on trend, the jacket and boa combo was a little too 90’s-romcom prep-school protagonista to translate for the occasion.

Best Overall

Styles wearing Gucci. Photo: Instagram

Ever a man of duality, Harry Styles also managed to top the list of favorite looks from the 63rd iteration of the Grammys, once again decked out in Gucci, but with an eclectic rockstar twist much more befitting of the crooner. 

For his performance of his hit-song “Watermelon Sugar,” which Styles also took away the award for Best Pop Performance for, the singer wore an all black leather suit with nothing underneath, topped by an even longer boa than the one we saw before, but this time, in a dreamy seafoam green color, adding a touch of softness and whimsy to a what would otherwise be an austere outfit.

The sleek suit at once looks vintage and present-day at the same time, tapping into Styles’ longtime aesthetic of being a modern man from a bygone era. The leather ensemble easily could have been an outfit Mick Jagger would have strutted around on stage in back in the 70’s, allowing Styles’ to fully embrace his place as one of the industry’s leading rockers.

…March 16, 2021

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