Photo: Mandy van Aardenne, winner of the best overall and most visually pleasing photo in the International Women’s Club 2021 photo competition


The International Women’s Club of Mexico City (IWC) held a member-wide photography competition, with the winners announced during the club’s annual general meeting on Wednesday, March 17.

Photo: Abigail Deering, winner of the most intriguing photo award in the International Women’s Club 2021 photo competition

The theme of the competition, which was organized by IWC vice president for membership Alex McCoid, was the capital city’s beautiful jacaranda trees, currently in full bloom.

McCoid explained that the the club held a similar competition last year, with the objective of highlighting some of the Mexican capital’s star attractions.

For the 2021 competition, a total of 30 members submitted entries over a five-day period, and the top winner received a potted plant as their award.

None of the contestants were professional photographers, and their entries were judged by Pulse News Mexico editor Thérèse Margolis.

The top prize went to Mandy van Aardenne for the best overall and most visually pleasing photo.

Photo: Rocio Amarante de Rodríguez of the International Women’s Club

Runner-ups included Rhonda Hall Jones for the most visually commanding photo, Abigail Deering for the most intriguing photo, Lynda Moen Opocensky for the most visually balanced photo, Aysen Asli Türen Czurgel for the most journalistically relevant photo and Mariana Trajlov-Stojanovic for most attention-grabbing photo.

The International Women’s Club is a nonprofit, English-speaking social organization for women from around the world living in Mexico City.

Founded in 1977 as the Newcomers Club, the IWC has more than 150 members for more than 30 countries.

It offers social and cultural events, tours, lectures, meet groups and guidance for its members to help them to assimilate to life in Mexico.

…March 18, 2021

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