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Photo: Karla Lisker/Kris Goyri

Kris Goyri’s Quetzalcóatl Dreams


Mexico designer Kris Goyri has released his latest collection with the help of an ad campaign that instantly transports viewers to a fashion-filled fantasy land.

La Casa Orgánica from above. Photo: Arquitectura Orgánica

The newest offering from the sartorial star’s spring/summer 2021 release, called Quetzalcóatl, was shot in La Casa Orgánica, a beautiful house just outside the borders of Mexico City dreamed up by architect Javier Senosiain. The building is ingrained into the lawn outside, rendering its grass-covered slopes nearly invisible from a birds eye view, an illusion only shattered by the house’s choicefully placed windows and skylights.

The inside of the house features curved walls that seem to fold in on each other, like the inside of a conch shell, with minimal use of corners or straight edges, allowing the eyes to flow naturally, encompassing the essence of the structure’s namesake: organic.

The Karia jumpsuit from Goyri’s latest collection. Photo: Karla Lisker/Kris Goyri

Goyri’s designs complement his chosen shooting location stunningly, featuring light beige and white tones to match the internal walls, and lush greens to coincide with the grass-covered facade. Never one to shy away from color, the Mexican designer also expertly chose delicate pink and orange hues, akin to a sunset, perfect for the summer season the collection is meant for.

The collection features a plethora of items suited for any fashion-lover, including flowing dresses, intricately designed jumpsuits, sleek swimwear and oversized pants, with white-piping throughout creating a cohesive theme throughout mirroring the beige-toned dips in La Casa Orgánica’s own design.

The Khal dress from Goyri’s SS21 offering. Photo: Karla Lisker/Kris Goyri

The campaign, lensed by Mexican photographer Karla Lisker, is only complemented by the two models’ poses, who have bent and contorted their body along with the natural curves of the walls and sloped lawn outside. While usually these unnatural positions would seem as if they’d stand in stark contrast to the organic structure, it only adds to the biotic flow of the house, drawing viewers further into Goyri’s ethereal realm.

Goyri, who notably dressed Oscar nominee and Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio for February’s Golden Globes ceremony, seems to — naturally — have another hit collection on his hands.

…March 23, 2021

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