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According to numbers coming from the U.S. covid-19 vaccination program, the United States has already vaccinated more Mexicans within its borders than Mexico has of its own population.

Mexico is reportedly vaccinating 64,000 members of its population a day, a number shattered by the U.S. daily average of 1.9 million inoculations daily, with the United States achieving the record of vaccinating 4 million people in just one day on Saturday, April 3.

According to figures from the U.S. Department of Labor, 14 million of the United States’ 37.5 million documented and undocumented Mexican immigrants have already received vaccinations, compared to Mexico having only distributed 8.3 million vaccinations to its inhabitants through its own program so far.

“It is shameful that Mexicans outside of their country feel safer and better treated in the pandemic in this country, not to mention many other areas,” Mexican-American Los Angeles native Alfredo Cermeño told El Universal.

Many U.S. states have lowered age requirements for receiving the vaccine, opening up the opportunity for the country’s entire adult population to receive inoculation, while Mexico still lags behind on vaccinating its elderly inhabitants, prompting many living in Mexico to take a trip to the United States to receive vaccination instead. 

Now, U.S. President Joe Biden has ordered all states to begin vaccinating the entirety of their adult populations without age limitations as of May 1, speeding up to its goal of vaccinating the entirety of the U.S. population by the end of 2021, while Mexico’s slow vaccination program still has no end in sight.

…April 5, 2021


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