Former Veracruz Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes. Photo: Billie Parker Noticias


It doesn’t take much to earn yourself a “fiscal review” under the administration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

In fact, just being from an opposition party is grounds enough for AMLO to sic his fiscal dogs on you, shove you in jail with no hopes of parole (and no tangible evidence against you) and let you rot there for a few years while you try to prove your innocence.

Just ask former Veracruz Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes.

On Friday, April 16, Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR) announced that it had been conducting an investigation into Yunes over the course of the last year on what it intentionally vaguely described as acts of corruption.

According to the FGR, the attorney general had received “a complaint” against Yunes from the Treasury’s Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) that was filed during the time he served as head of the state-run Social Security Institute for Government Workers (ISSSTE), from 2006 to 2010 under former President Felipe Calderón.

Yunes has adamantly denied the charges, but, hey, when they are as vaguely specified as the ones being levied against him, it is hard to prove yourself innocent.

“I declare myself at the disposal of the FGR, an institution that, I am sure, will request further information from me, which I will deliver immediately,” he said.

“Today, 11 years and two months after serving in that post, in the middle of the electoral process, an investigation is initiated as a result of a complaint filed by the UIF, an institution that took out of the trash can two complaints filed several years ago by two known criminals and with respect to which the-then PGR ruled in a timely manner, determining the non-exercise of criminal action.”

Yunes went on to say, “It is no coincidence that the UIF complaint has been ‘leaked’ in the middle of the electoral campaign and that, although I do not participate in political activities, it is the spearhead in a strategy to hurt two of my children, who decided to make a career in the public sector, one as a candidate and the other as mayors of the Veracruz.”

Yunes pointed out that his management at the head of ISSSTE was reviewed by both the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) and the Public Function, without the corresponding authorities noticing any irregularity.

…April 20, 2021

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