Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador gets inoculated against the covid-19 virus. Photo:


After months of hemming and hawing, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) finally couldn’t put it off any longer.

On Tuesday, April 20, in full view of his daily morning press conference proselytes and a national televised audience, AMLO was administered his first dose of the AstraZenica covid-19 vaccine at the National Palace.

The vaccine was administered to the president by military nurse, who first showed him the syringe and later instructed him to wait 30 minutes before returning to his normal activities.

Before getting the shot, AMLO said that by publicly being administered the coronavirus inoculation, he hoped he would set an example for all elderly Mexicans to get vaccinated.

“I am going to get vaccinated because I want to appeal to all older adults, those who are avoiding getting the vaccine, for whatever concern they may have, that there is no risk, no danger, no serious reactions,” he said.

AMLO said he expected to get his second dose of the two-dose vaccine “within a month or so,” but noted that it would not be administered publicly.

Also on Tuesday, the Mexican government launched its national campaign to inoculate education workers in the coastal state of Sinaloa, with assurances it will extend the coverage to all teachers over the next few months. (Public schools are expected to begin opening nationwide on a state-by-state basis, based on the level of covid infections.)

However, it is worth noting that, despite promises to the contrary, the AMLO administration, while inoculating most public health workers, has refused to provide vaccines for private hospital personnel, including for physicians working on the front line against covid-19 infections.

…April 21, 2021

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