India has now amassed more than 17 million active covid cases. Photo: Google


Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced on Tuesday, April 27, that his government will be donating 1.2 million AstraZeneca covid vaccines to India in solidarity with that nation’s current coronavirus crisis.

“When we were presented with a difficult situation, the second wave of the disease, we turned to India and it helped us,” AMLO recalled during his morning presser.

“India sent us AstraZeneca vaccines, and in correspondence to that assistance, Mexico is going to support India, even with our own limitations (of not having enough vaccines for all Mexicans).”

AMLO said that the 1.2 million AstraZeneca doses that are being sent from Mexico to India are the same amount of vaccines that India sent to Mexico earlier this year.

“This is an act of solidarity with India since we clearly understand its situation,” he said.

India, currently in its second wave of the disease, is now the epicenter of the covid-19 pandemic, reporting more than 300,000 new cases a day for the sixth consecutive day on Tuesday, April 27.

India’s health care system is malfunctioning, with hospitals filled beyond capacity and unable to care for any new patients and a shortage of oxygen canisters so dire that some covid patients are literally dying gasping for air.

…April 28, 2021   


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