The Templo Mayor’s collapsed roof following Wednesday night’s storm. Photo: Twitter


A giant rain and hailstorm fell in the Mexico City metropolitan area late in the evening of Wednesday, April 28, bringing a much-needed surge of water to the drought-ridden capital.

The weather event felled several trees across the city, and saw flooding on the high-traffic streets of Alencastre and Periférico, as well as in the municipalities of Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juárez.

The hailstorm likewise collapsed the protective roofing structure and acrylic panels in the ancient ruins of the Templo Mayor in Mexico’s City Historic Center, injuring one of the historical site’s security guards, who has already been treated for their wounds and did not require hospitalization.

The Templo Mayor is the most important structure in what remains of the ancient Mexica (Aztec) capital of Tenochtitlan.

“After preliminary evaluations, it was determined that there was damage to the roof structures and the perimeter fence,” said Mexico’s Secretariat of Culture following Wednesday’s storm. “However, the effects on pre-Hispanic structures are minor, recoverable and restorable and specialists will take care of this.”

The secretariat also said that, “We will work on a redesign project of four roofs that protect pre-Hispanic structures of the Templo Mayor.”

…April 30, 2021

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