PAN gubernatorial candidate for Querétaro Mauricio Kuri González. Photo: Google


Mauricio Kuri González, Mexico’s conservative National Action Party (PAN) candidate for the governorship of Queretaro (who is also representing the Queretaro Independent Queretaro Independent party, or QI), suffered a mild stroke on Monday, April 26, but is now in stable condition and intends to continue his political campaign.

According to his doctors at the Hospital Ángeles in Queretaro, Kuri González is now “out of danger” and recovering quickly.

At a press conference late Wednesday night, Agustín Dorantes Lámbarri, president of the PAN Queretaro Steering Committee and coordinator of the Kuri González campaign, reported that the candidate suffered the stroke at about 3 p.m. Monday and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Kuri González’s medical team said that, because the stroke was mild and was treated promptly, the candidate did not and will not suffer any permanent consequences from the event.

They also said that this type of mild stroke is not uncommon for people of his age.

According to public health figures, roughly one in four Mexicans over age 50 will suffer a stroke in their lifetime.

 “He was transferred from his home to the Angeles Hospital of Querétaro to be treated by his family doctor,” reported Agustín Lámbarri.

César Altamirano, a general practitioner, explained that Kuri González had registered weakness in the left half of his body and a slightly obstructed artery was detected, which was subsequently released with a catheter.

During the procedure to reverse the stroke, Kuri González remained  conscious and lucid, the doctor said.

The PAN candidate was expected to be released from hospital late Thursday or early Friday, April 30.

According to most polls, Kuri González is expected to win the governorship easily in Mexico’s June 6 midterm elections.

He is a former federal senator and mayor of Queretaro, as well as a successful businessman.

…April 30, 2021


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