Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard, who served as Mexico City Mayor from 2006 to 2013. Photo:


Following the tragic collapse of a part of Mexico City’s Line 12 metro, leaving 25 dead and 79 injured, records have come out showing that the city and its government ignored multiple reports informing of the line’s faulty aspects, the negligence of which ultimately led to the deadly crash on Monday, May 3.

Fingers were pointed left and right after the fallout of the crash, including much talk about the roles of current Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard and National Regeneration Movement (Morena) President Mario Delgado during the design and construction of Line 12 during their respective terms as mayor and finance secretary of Mexico City.

Now, it has come out that the National Union of Metro Workers had been warning the capital government about problems with Line 12, nicknamed “the Golden Line” at its inauguration, for over nine years.

The head of the union, Fernando Espinol, said its members disclosed issues about the specific overpass of the line that broke on Monday evening, including problems with vibration, knocking, braking and wear down on the rails.

Union Secretary Homero Zavala said the metro bridge had structural damage soon after the line’s opening, which were only exacerbated by the effects of the earthquake on September 19, 2017.

Line 12 also faced an onslaught of issues soon after its 2012 start, including a 20-month partial shutdown, criminal charges against government officials involved in the railway’s design, and cries of corruption over the construction eclipsing its budget by some 30 billion pesos, which led to Ebrard’s temporary exile from the country.

A survey conducted on Wednesday, May 5, by El Pais showed that 82.7 percent of Mexicans asked about the incident blamed the government for negligence, considering its repeated warnings about the metro line’s problems.

Notably, 22.2 percent of the population from the same survey squarely placed the blame on Ebrard’s shoulders.

Mexico City’s Line 12 will remain closed indefinitely as the incident and the structural integrity of the line continue to be investigated.

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