Morena candidate for governor of the state of San Luis Potosí Mónica Rangel. Photo: El Sol de San Luis


Following Mexico’s National Electoral Institute’s (INE) cancellation of multiple gubernatorial candidacies of National Regeneration Movement (Morena) members, the INE has come to cancel the validity of yet another Morena candidate, this time, of San Luis Potosí’s Mónica Rangel.

The aspiring governor was accused by the electoral institute of failing to properly disclose pre-campaign funds, the same issue that brought her fellow Morena members Félix Salgado Macedonio and Raúl Morón political ambitions for this electoral cycle to a screeching halt.

The INE is set to send the cancellation to the institute’s Audit Commission, where it is expected to pass without modifications to its General Council for approval, after which Rangel’s candidacy will be terminated and must be replaced by Morena within 48 hours, as in the case of the other cancellations.

Morena’s President Mario Delgado criticized the INE on Twitter for withdrawing Rangel’s candidacy only one month before the elections, calling it a “blow” to Morena’s movement, with the INE acknowledging that the investigation of  San Luis Potosí took longer than anticipated, or Rangel’s campaign would have otherwise been terminated at the same time as Salgado Macedonio and Morón.

The INE is expected to reach a decision on the matter on Friday, May 7.


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