The OAS will send a team of international observers to monitor Mexico’s midterm elections on June 6. Photo: Universal Rights Group


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on Thursday, May 20, warned the Organization of American States (OAS) against trying to interfere in Mexico’s upcoming midterm elections.

Speaking during his daily morning press conference, AMLO said that any attempt by the OAS to “interfere” in Mexico’s electoral process will be seen as “an aggression against the country’s national autonomy.”

“We are open to allowing observers to come to the elections,” AMLO said, “but we will not allow any interference that affects our autonomy. The OAS knows that.”

López Obrador went on to reiterate that “Mexico is not a colony, but a free, independent and sovereign nation, where there is nothing to fear.”

For the fifth time since 2009, the OAS will send an observer mission to Mexico during the federal and concurrent elections on June 6.

In order to contribute to strengthening the Mexican electoral system, the OAS observers will present written reports with findings and recommendations based on their experiences here.

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