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Javier Barajas Piña, a member of the Commission for the Search for Disappeared Persons in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, was assassinated on Sunday, May 30, authorities reported the following day.

No details of the shooting were released, nor were any suspects detained, according to Guanajuato police.

“The commission members express our deep consternation at the murder of our colleague in the context of the search for disappeared persons,” Mexico’s National Search Commission (CNB) said in a statement signed by 30 state commissions.

The United Nations office in Mexico also expressed its condemnation of the murder and called for “a diligent investigation to be carried out and those responsible punished.”

Mexican Undersecretary of the Interior (SeGob) Alejandro Encinas likewise called on the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office to carry out “a prompt and effective investigation.”


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