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Mexico’s 2021 midterm elections came with a hefty price tag, more than 3.341 billion pesos, to be exact.

According to the National Electoral Institute’s (INE) audit portal, as of Wednesday, June 2 — the last official day that candidates were allowed to campaign — the 29,568 gubernatorial, legislative, state and municipal candidates running for office registered a combined 139 million pesos more in expenditures than were spent during Mexico’s last midterm elections, back in 2015.

Total 2021 campaign outlays registered so far, according to the INE, amounted to a 5 percent hike compared to those in 2015, which closed at 3.201 billion pesos, the INE said.

>The breakdown of this year’s campaign expenditures were as follows: Legislative candidates spent 774 million pesos, gubernatorial candidates spent 652 million pesos, mayoral candidates spent 1.82 billion pesos and the remaining expenditures went to local municipal electoral campaigns.

As of the end of last week, only 5,230 of the 29,568 candidates had reported any expenses at all to the INE, thus violating Mexican electoral rules.

Consequently, the final price tag for the elections is yet to be known.

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