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Claims that Mexican Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero is using his position to persecute and steal from the family of his deceased brother continued to mount as his great nephew demanded Tuesday, June 8, that Gertz Manero prove the accusations he has launched against the family.

In a second video that soon went viral on Mexican social media, Alonso Castillo Cuevas, the grandson of Federico Alejandro Gertz ‘s brother, Federico Gertz Manero, charged the attorney general with trying to arrest his grandmother, Laura Morán, who was married to Federico for more than 50 years, with “insufficient evidence of the charges made against her.”

Last month, the FGR issued an arrest warrant for the 94-year-old Morán on charges launched by Alejandro’s office of homicide due to negligent care of her 85-year-old spouse a decade ago.

And her daughter, Alejandra Guadalupe Cuevas Morán, has been in jail for eight months on similar charges.

In the video, Castillo Cuevas alleged that, after his brother’s death, Alejandro Gertz extorted Morán and her family for the sum of 3.5 million pesos and the right to her husband’s monthly pension as provided for in his will.

“The only thing we did not give you, Alejandro, was our freedom,” Castillo Cuevas said in the video, “because that is what you really want, to imprison us all, or you would not have asked for a confession of a crime that never existed so you could eliminate us,”

Castillo Cuevas went on to explain that the crime of extortion consists of doing or not doing something in exchange for money and obtaining a profit to the detriment of the extorted person.

Alejandro Gertz has claimed that it was Morán who extorted him.

“At what point was the attorney general of Mexico asked to do or stop doing something?” Castillo Cuevas asked rhetorically.

“Who is extorting him? A 94-year-old woman with an arrest warrant against her, her 68-year-old daughter, imprisoned for eight months or one of us? “he asked.

“In what way can my grandmother, my mother, my brothers or any Mexican extort the most powerful man in the Mexican law enforcement agency? We demand that the attorney general of Mexico clarify this serious accusation that he has made against my family for the imminent danger it represents to us.”

Castillo Cuevas went on to say that his great uncle had “fabricated the allegations of a crime against my mother, and, as a consequence, at any moment, another member of my family could be imprisoned.”

Gertz Mancero is a close friend and ally of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and has been criticized repeatedly for allegedly allowing the president to use his office to launch legal attacks on his political foes.

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