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At least 14 people died in armed attacks in the Mexican border city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, on Saturday, June 19, local authorities said in a statement.

The attacks took place in early Saturday afternoon in different districts of the city, said Tamaulipas authorities, adding that it remains unclear if the victims were targeted or randomly shot.

On Sunday, June 20, at least four suspects, including a woman, were killed by members of the Tamaulipas Police during the search operations for those responsible for the multiple homicide the previous day.

The State Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace in Tamaulipas reported that as a result of the patrolling and surveillance actions, several subjects and vehicles that apparently participated in the homicides were also detained.

When confronted, the suspects resisted arrest and attacked police officers, who repelled the attack.

One of the armed subjects was later found dead a truck when he tried to flee across the border.

The other three suspects killed were two men and a woman who had been chased by state police.

Local police also said they arrested a person with two female hostages in the trunk of his car, in addition to seizing three vehicles.

Reynosa Mayor Maki Ortiz said in a tweet that the attacks should be clarified and citizens should be protected from the growing violence along Mexico’s borders.


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