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Six people in Mexico’s northern state of Sonora that were completely vaccinated against coronavirus have reportedly died from covid-19, with a further 24 people who received a single dose of the vaccine likewise passing away in the area.

Despite the startling news, Sonora’s Secretary of Health Enrique Clausen urged his state’s inhabitants not to let the news discourage them and to continue getting vaccinated, noting that while the vaccine is not completely 100 percent effective, it drastically cuts down on mortality rates.

“The number of vaccinated people who died is infinitely less than people who died without being protected by the vaccine,” said Clausen.

“In addition to getting vaccinated, it is essential that you practice other health measures that you already know,” continued the health official.

Clausen recommended for Sonorans to continue taking precautions with social distancing measures, and to always wear a mask when out in public.

“It is evident that there is a slow but consistent growth in the transmission of the virus,” he said, noting how several municipalities in the state had returned to orange on the country’s traffic-light risk system. “The relaxation of health protocols, especially the breaking of social distance, the incorrect use of face masks and crowds in closed places explain the increase we are currently seeing in covid-19 cases in Sonora.”

Currently, 38 percent of covid tests in the state are coming back positive, which Clausen stressed could turn the entire state back to a higher risk ranking on the traffic-light system if cases do not subside soon.

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