Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Photo: Facebook


Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who owns one of the companies that was instrumental in the construction of Mexico City’s ill-fated Metro Line 12, has agreed to pay for the entire rehabilitation of the part of the line that collapsed on May 3, killing 26 people, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced Wednesday, June 30.

AMLO added that Slim had inspected the damages and had assured him that the line will be fully operational within one year.

“Slim told me that he was in charge of the reconstruction of the entire section, and that he will ensure that it complies with all the necessary security,” AMLO told reporters during his morning press conference.

“He will pay for everything”

Slim met with the president on Tuesday, June 29, at the National Palace, affirming that the route of Line 12 had been “well constructed and had defects of origin,” according to AMLO.

Likewise, the president said that Slim assured him that the work realized by his consortium with the ICA construction group “was conducted by the best specialists.”

AMLO said that Slim agreed to “restructure” the line, rather than to rebuild it from scratch, so that it would be operational within a maximum period of one year.

What’s that old adage, once burned, twice shy?

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