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Lemon Beauty Lab, one of Mexico City’s most avant-garde and innovative beauty salons, launched a new service for its customers Wednesday, June 30, with the introduction of Botox and Dysport neurotoxin injections to treat premature facial aging.

The Botox and Dysport service will be performed by registered physician and facial specialist Jessica Gutiérrez, who has spent years studying aesthetic medicine, by appointment only and under maximum sanitary conditions in a special section of the salon, located at Avenida Insurgentes Sur 388 in Colonia Roma Sur.

“The idea is to make esthetic medicine accessible and safe for all Mexicans,” explained Lemon Beauty Lab owner and manager Paulina Zepeda during a reception at the salon to announce the new service.

“We want to offer professional Botox treatments that are administered by a top-rate specialist to ensure a safe and natural effect.”

Full upper-face neurotoxin treatments at the salon run about 3,500 pesos and last for about three to four months, she said.

“A lot of Mexican women turn to nonprofessionals for Botox therapies, and that can be dangerous,” explained Gutiérrez.

“It is important to remember that these are botulinum toxins. If they are applied correctly, they can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. But if they are not applied correctly, they can produce facial imbalances and partial drooping effects.”

Moreover, although rare, Botox and Dysport can cause toxicity in some patients, potentially leading to serious side effects such as breathing, speaking and swallowing difficulties or even partial paralysis.

Lemon Beauty Lab — which offers a range of salon services, including manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair treatments, blowouts, facials, massages and ultrasound body therapies — has been on the cutting edge of beauty in Mexico since it first opened four years ago.

Among the salon’s exclusive products is a unique laser hair treatment, developed after a Brazilian technique, using amplified focused light to open hair shafts to better absorb the benefits of a deep-penetrating nourishing treatment composed of avocado, wheat germ and animal-based oils.

Lemon Beauty Lab also has a fruit-based natural keratin treatment that softens curls without damaging hair (untempered keratin can be very harsh on hair), and a one-of-a-kind chocolate and red wine hair masque that provides moisture and shine.

The upscale salon is slated to open a second branch inside the Palacio de Hierro department store at Mexico City’s Perisur mall later this year.

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