Mexico’s Vaccine Certificates Launch, Inoculation Range Expands

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Starting on Tuesday, July 6, Mexico began registering its population from ages 18 to 29 to receive the vaccine against covid-19, as well as announced the release of government endorsed vaccination certificates for all those who have already received full inoculation. 

People in the designated age range can sign up for the vaccine on the government’s MiVacuna portal by using their CURP and filling out a simple questionnaire, and will be contacted when it’s their turn to be vaccinated in their designated municipality. 

Likewise, everyone who has received the full two doses against coronavirus will be able to request an official vaccine certificate, said Undersecretary of Public Health Hugo López-Gatell.

“If you want to have an official proof that you have been vaccinated and with what vaccine and on what dates, here it is,” said López-Gatell on Tuesday, July 6. 

The certificate can be obtained on the government’s new website for the matter, which likewise uses the CURP as an identification method. The government authenticated proof can be used to travel to countries with covid-based restrictions, among other purposes, and has a QR code that can be scanned by immigration authorities.

The announcements came following the news that Mexico has experienced a 22 percent rebound in covid-19 cases nationwide, which experts say is indicative of a dreaded third wave of the virus.

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