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According to the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH), in 2020 and during the first five months of 2021, at least 13,246 people have been displaced due to violence in their communities.

Forced internal displacement is a violation of human rights that occurs when people are forced to flee their home or place of habitual residence as a consequence of a situation of generalized violence or armed conflict.

Data from the CMDPDH reveals that, in 2020, more than 9,700 people were displaced by violence in Mexico.

This year, as of the end of May, the commission documented 3,546 cases.

Lígia de Aquino Barbosa Magalhães, researcher of the CMDPDH area of ​​forced internal displacement, said that between January and May there have been three major events of massive displacement in Michoacán; two each in Jalisco, Chiapas and Guerrero, and one each in Oaxaca and Tamaulipas.

In an interview with El Financiero newspaper, Barbosa Magalhães said that since 2016, Michoacán has registered a steady escalation of violence and the number of massive displacement events has increased dramatically.

For example, Barbosa Magalhães said, in the municipality of Aguililla, since 2018, every year there has been at least one new massive displacement.

She said that a similar situation exists in the neighboring state of Jalisco and that, in most cases, the violence is linked to cartel drug wars.

“Many of the displacement events in Michoacán are in the region that borders Jalisco,” she said. 

The southern Mexican state of Chiapas is also “a red flag,” she said.

In the Chiapas municipality of Aldama, almost a third of the population is in “a constant situation of displacement” due to armed attacks by paramilitary groups, Barbosa Magalhães said.


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