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It was revealed in the release of Mexico’s Expenditure Budget for 2022, which details all the allocated funds for the upcoming year, that the country’s XXI Century Medical Insurance Program would receive a budget of zero pesos, leaving more than 4 million families without medical care for their children.

The insurance was created in 2007 under the presidency of Felipe Calderón, with the goal of providing public universal health care to Mexican children under the age of 5, as long as they were enrolled in the Social Protection System in Health (SPSS). More than 4.4 million children are currently enrolled in the program, which gives them access to medical treatments and surgeries that would otherwise be incredibly costly.

Now, under current President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and his leftist party the National Regeneration Movement’s (Morena) administration, this program is set to be eliminated.

“This elimination in the Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2022 will be one more blow to the health of the most vulnerable,” said National Action Party (PAN) spokesperson Juan Carlos Romero Hicks in his party’s analysis of the budget.

“There is no excuse to stop treating ear diseases that include cochlear prosthesis implantation, disorders of the nervous system such as paraplegia and rehabilitation procedures and of the circulatory system.”

Romero Hicks also said that, under the soon-to-be-extinct program, “respiratory diseases such as pneumonia were also covered and care was given to many other issues of the perinatal period, such as stunted growth and fetal malnutrition.”

Likewise, the PAN official pointed out how the new budget will defund the Full Time Schools program, further hurting Mexico’s public education system.

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