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Mexico’s Public Health Secretariat (SSA) on Monday, July 12, finally acknowledged that the county has entered its third wave of the covid-19 pandemic after infections surged 29 percent in just one week.

According to the SSA, the majority of new cases of coronavirus infections are of younger Mexicans, most of whom have yet to be vaccinated against the disease.

The SSA also said that most of the new cases were in heavily populated areas such as Mexico City.

So far, about 39 percent of all adult Mexicans have been vaccinated with at least one dose of a hodgepodge of medications, some approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), some not.

Since younger patients tend to be more resilient to covid, the government said that they are less likely to suffer severe cases and the mortality rate remains low.

According to the Statista, which keeps a daily tab on covid cases worldwide, Mexico currently ranks in fourth place in terms of the number of confirmed deaths from the disease, with over 235,000 fatalities.


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