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The Leitner company, the same manufacturer that is building Mexico’s Line 2 cable bus system, is now being investigated for a deadly cable car malfunction in Italy that left 14 dead and one child injured on May 23.

The tragic accident occurred after one of the lead cables holding up the structure broke, crashing the cars to the ground with passengers inside. Now, the company will be investigated on manslaughter and negligence claims.

The Leitner company is concerningly in charge of the construction of Mexico’s 3 billion peso-plus Line 2 cable bus system, which is set to begin operations next month.

“(Leitner) will have to provide training to STE (Electric Transportation System) personnel and later, it will be up to the agency to be in charge of providing the service,” said the STE’s director Guillermo Calderón a few months back.

After Mexico City’s horrific Line 12 metro accident on May 3, the safety standards of Mexico’s public transport is paramount now more than ever.


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