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Back in April of 2020, the Mexico City government introduced a special box to protect doctors and other medical personnel during the intubation of covid-19 patients.

The box, which was designed by the city’s Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat (Sectei), in cooperation with the Hospital General, the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), was essentially a transparent four-sided frame with an acrylic, see-through covering that would allow physicians to insert intubation tubes into a patient without having to be exposed to the infected person’s open airways.

At the time, the Mexico City government promised to produce at least 1,000 of the low-cost boxes and distribute them throughout city hospitals and clinics.

“This box will protect medical personnel from possible contagion and provide them with the assurance that we are taking care of them,” said Sectei Director Rosaura Ruiz, when the new box was first announced.

Fifteen months later, most of the capital’s public hospitals are still waiting for the promised protective boxes, although they are available on Mercado Libre for about 2,800 pesos each.

Confronted by reporters from the Mexican daily Reforma, the Sectei confirmed that so far it has produced and delivered 50 of the boxes.

However, the city’s Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat failed to explain what has happened with the remaining 950 protective boxes.

Perhaps someone should send the Sectei the app for Mercado Libre.


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