North Korean leader Kim Jung-un. Photo: Google


Mexico wants to reestablish diplomatic ties with North Korea, Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Sunday, July 18.

“We have a position of hands-off around the world,” Ebrard reportedly told Bloomberg News in New York City, where he is currently attending a United Nations Security Council meeting.

“We respect all governments, and we want to reopen the relationship with North Korea as well, like with any other country.”

Mexico broke off formal relations with Pyongyang in September 2017 after declaring its ambassador persona non grata and giving him 72 hours to leave the country following a series of unlawful nuclear tests by the Kim Jung-un government.

“With this diplomatic step, Mexico expresses to the North Korean government its categorical repudiation of its recent nuclear activity, which is an increasingly brazen violation of international law,” Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE) said in a statement at that time.

Asked about this precedence, Ebrard admitted that North Korea had indeed committed violations of international law and Security Council resolutions by conducting nuclear tests and launching long-range ballistic missiles.

Nonetheless, he said, Mexico intends to rebuild both commercial and diplomatic ties with the rogue nation.

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