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While the number of reported cases of rape in Mexico City rose in 2020 to its highest incidence in seven years, only 10 out of every 100 cases are prosecuted with a guilty verdict.

According to figures from the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office, between Jan. 1, 2014 to April 11, 2021, 6,996 cases of rape were registered in the capital, an average of 2.6 per day.

In that same period, Mexico City’s Superior Court of Justice issued a verdict on only 728 cases, which still leaves 89.5 percent of the cases unresolved.

Of those rulings, 96 were acquittals and the rest, 632, led to a conviction for the alleged perpetrators.

Of those cases, 145 were against children under 12 years of age, according to the Capital Court of Justice, and in 167 of the cases, the prosecution classified the acts as “tumultuous rapes” (according to Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice, a tumultuous rape is any action that involves the coercion of the victim by more than two people in order to attack and have sexual relations).

Year-on-year, the incidence of rape in Mexico City has shown a gradual increase since 2017: there were 532 cases recorded in 2014; 711 in 2015; 569 in 2016; 305 in 2017; 1.397 in 2018; 1,453 in 2019; 1,505 in 2020: in just between Jan. 1 and April 11 of this year, 524 reported cases — nearly the entire figure for all of 2014.

According to the National Citizen Observatory (ONC), crimes against women continue to rise in the capital.

“There has not been a strategy that has been used to stop family violence or rape,” said Francisco Rivas, president of the ONC, who added that this increase cannot be attributed to the fact that some crimes that have occurred in past years were not reported.

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