Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Photo: Google


Despite his infamously callous bulldozer approach to diplomacy, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced on Thursday, Aug. 5, that Mexico will soon host a “mediation process” between Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro and his political opponents.

The president did not say when the mediation would begin, but internal sources in the Mexican government have suggested that they are likely to start on Aug. 13.

Speaking during his daily press conference at the National Palace, AMLO said only that the objectives of the talks will be to “open dialogue and pave the way for a path to political agreement.”

Norway has offered to help in the mediation process, as have Russi8a and France, but no further details were announced.

Maduro, who led the once-prosperous South American country into total economic collapse, allegedly said that he is willing to negotiate with opposition leader Juan Guaido, who tried to force Maduro from power two years ago.

The leftist Maduro, who is a close personal friend and political ally of AMLO,  has insisted that the peace negotiations must include discussions to remove U.S.-imposed economic sanctions.

Maduro claims that the pro-democracy Guaido is backed by the United States.

But Guaido has said that the key issue will be the establishment of free and fair elections, a subject that Maduro, who was “reelected” for a third term in a highly contested electoral process in 2019, has so far opposed that idea.

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