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An analysis carried out by the National Private Security Council (CNSP) has revealed that Mexico has more than triple the number of homicides than the United States, despite having 23 times fewer weapons than its northern neighbor.

The United States has 393.3 million firearms, or 1.18 for every inhabitant, while Mexico has 16.8 million firearms, only one for every seven inhabitants.

“In other words, in the Mexican Republic there are 23 times fewer weapons than in the United States. However, its homicide rate is triple that of the United States,” said the head of the CNSP Alejandro Desfassiaux.

Desfassiaux likewise remarked that the Mexican government’s pending lawsuit against U.S. gun manufacturers is both unjust and fruitless.

“The cause of the violence is not the rifles per se, but the inability of the authorities to control the criminal organizations that acquire them,” said the CNSP official.

According to federal data, about half a million weapons are illegally trafficking into Mexico from the United States every year, directly resulting in 17,000 homicides annually, representing 70 percent of illicit firearms in the country while 30 percent come from other countries. 

“Even if the United States stops selling weapons, organized crime will turn to other suppliers and only that proportion will change. Violence in Mexico is not going to stop, because the uncontrolled use of illegal weapons is only a consequence of violence,” said Desfassiaux.

The CNSP president also noted how the cartel’s unchecked violence has resulted in their segmentation, and now Mexico has more than 227 different criminal organizations operating throughout the country.

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