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In a complicated, modern, post-covid-19 world — with mandatory PCR tests and vaccination passport requirements — travel, especially overseas, has become a potential logistics nightmare for many vacationers.

Fortunately, Universal Assistance (UA) has an app for that.

UA’s new mobile application, called Autogestión Médica Mobile (Mobile Medical Self-Management), allows clients to manage their own medical care completely online from any mobile device, without the need to communicate with a call center.

The new self-management system includes a virtual medical triage that offers a quick assessment of the client’s situation, providing  appropriate care based on the user’s specific needs and location through geo-positioning technology.

“We are very proud to be able to offer this new and revolutionary service to the entire Mexican market,” said Universal Assistance commercial director Silvina García Fillol.

“Our mission has always been to give peace of mind to all our clients and the Mobile Medical Self-Management app offers that.”

For more than a year, the travel assistance company has been working on developing this tool, which combines more than 40 years of medical experience in travel assistance with state-of-the-art mobile technological innovations.

The new service works through a geolocation process to link users and medical providers by means of Medical Telecare, medical center consultation, home visits and/or other options, such as online assistance chats.

The main objective it to speed up and improve the quality of care for clients.

The new Universal Assistance app update is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese for both Android and IOS and can be used anywhere in the world.

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