Mexico City In-Person Classes to Continue Even if Covid Is Detected

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Just one week prior to when in-person classes are slated to begin in nationwide, the Mexico City Health Secretary Oliva López Arellano said Monday, Aug. 23, that even in the event that a positive case of covid-19 is detected, all schools will remain open.

López Arellano said that if infections are registered within a school, the only measure that will be taken is the blocking off of an area within part of the corresponding classroom.

“We are not closing schools,” she said. “We have community transmission anyway, so there is no logic in closing a school. We willl use the same procedures we will use when working in shelters or asylums. If there is an infection, one room or two rooms will be closed, not the entire facility.”

She also said that anyone with “suspicious symptoms” will be immediately isolated from others.

Likewise, she said that there has been no decision to conduct random covid tests on students.

“We haven’t discarded the idea. It is still being evaluated,” she said.

López Arellano made no comment regarding the fact that the highly contagious Delta variant of covid-19, which also affects minors, is now spreading rapidly nationwide and most Mexican children have not received any vaccinations against the disease.


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