A rendering of the under-construction Tren Maya. Photo: trenmaya.gob.mx


After widespread complaints about the under-construction Tren Maya plans to pass through Campeche’s capital of the same name, it has been announced that instead the train will pass around the city’s outskirts by the Campeche airport instead.

Many residents of Campeche had protested against the project before the new decision due to fears of being displaced from their homes to accommodate the Tren Maya’s scheduled route, ultimately delaying its construction.

The head of the National Tourism Promotion Fund (Fonatur), Rogelio Jiménez Pons, announced the change in plans was made to continue the project quickly. He said that the 300 families who would have been relocated by the original route will now be able to keep their residences.

The move will also remove the need to build an elevated viaduct for the train over the city, saving some 2 billion pesos in construction costs.

“It is cheaper for us,” said Jiménez Pons.

The official also noted how the pandemic delayed the delivery of certain construction materials, and that the building should accelerate once supplies arrive.

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