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As Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reached his third official “Informe” (State of the Nation Address) as the head of the country’s executive branch, research consultancy SPIN revealed López Obrador has reportedly told 61,079 lies throughout the first three years of his six-year term — more than double the amount of lies attributed to former U.S. President Donald Trump by the Washington Post for the entirety of his four-year term.

SPIN’s research, published by the consultancy’s head and political science expert Luis Estrada, revealed AMLO’s most-used words, most-mentioned political opponents and various other statistics about the executive’s behavior during his 684 completed daily morning press conferences.

According to the study, AMLO mentioned the word “justice” 1,211 times, or nearly two times per press conference, as well as referenced his predecessor former President Enrique Peña Nieto nearly every other day on average.

As for López Obrador’s friend, former President Trump, the U.S. official }who was known throughout his presidency for his repeated falsifications, lied nearly half the amount of times as AMLO, with only 30,579 publicly stated falsehoods on record.

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