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Mexican mountaineer Ándres Pérez Martínez and his son Andrés Pérez Maillard broke new records in Peru last  month as the oldest and youngest alpinists to climb that South American country’s second-highest peak, Alpamayo.

Led by his father, Pérez Maillard, who had already earned the title of the youngest Mexican to climb Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro, scaled the Andean mountain that is often considered the most beautiful on the planet and one of the most desired peaks for elite mountaineers at the international level.

In August, Pérez Martínez became the oldest Mexican to reach that peak.

Pérez Maillard is the third generation of a family of amateur mountaineers.

His father began climbing with his grandfather at the age of 10, managing to summit national and international peaks such as Popocatépetl, Vallunaraju and Pisco.

The younger Pérez reached his first peak at the age of 7, in Mexico’s Nevado de Toluca.

Since then, he scaled Iztaccíhuatl at 12, Pico de Orizaba and Kilimanjaro at 13, and Mont Blanc at 15.

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