Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel/Unsplash


Mexico’s Secretariat of Defense (Sedena) will allocate 11 million pesos for the purchase of 36 drones, with seven different companies vying for the contract and the winner set to be revealed on Sept. 22.

The country’s defense sector plans to purchase remotely piloted drones capable of 30 minutes minimum of flight time with a radius of at least 5 kilometers, thermal and visual camera capabilities, a wide range of temperatures and the ability to reach 500 meters off the ground.

The seven companies vying for the contract include ABC Sivmed, Aerovant and Blue Guard, and whichever wins will be required to provide the aerial equipment within 15 days and with 20 hours of flight training and 20 hours of maintenance training to Sedena personnel at no added cost.

The announcement comes just a week after Sedena revealed plans for anti-drone technology around the National Palace in Mexico City, with the project estimated to cost 5.4 million pesos.

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