Journalist Dr. Denise Dresser. Photo: Google


After Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) targeted political analyst Denise Dresser on Wednesday, Sept. 15, during his “who’s who in lies of the week” segment, journalists from the women-run organization Opinion 51 rallied in support and defense of the Reforma newspaper columnist.

Dresser caught the ire of the executive after she criticized López Obrador and his government for forcing airlines to use his under-construction Santa Lucía airport for their flight operations “even if they don’t want to,” which could “increase costs, create dangers, stifle competition and harm consumers,” she said in her weekly column. 

Elizabeth García Vilchis, the head of AMLO’s media lies segment, said Dresser’s words “seems to be the introduction of a television melodrama” despite the journalist’s statements being backed up by a recording of the government’s own Undersecretary of Transportation Carlos Morán Moguel and comments from officials at Air Canada’s Latin American branch.

López Obrador himself warned journalists to write “ethically” and make sure they don’t “look ridiculous” in direct response to Dresser’s column.

The group of journalists behind Opinion 51 released their own statement on Twitter in defense of Dresser and her journalistic credibility.

“Using the presidential platform to scrutinize the work of Dr. Denise Dresser or any other journalist results in an imbalance of power, in addition to the use of public resources to attack a citizen,” read the statement.

Dresser said she would soon respond to AMLO’s public lambasting with studies and public data verifying her claims, and thanked the women of Opinion 51 for their solidarity with her.

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