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As of November, the United States will require all international travelers to be fully vaccinated and tested for covid-19, while at the same time opening air travel to vaccinated foreign nationals from 33 countries, including the those in the European Union and the United Kingdom, for the first time since the early days of the pandemic.

Under the new ruling, foreign nationals will be allowed to fly into the United States only if they are “fully vaccinated” and able to show proof of vaccination prior to boarding their flight, the White House announced on Monday, Sept. 20.

The new ruling will at the same time ease travel restrictions for noncitizens who had recently been in Europe, regardless of their vaccination status.

But for travelers outside of Europe, the new system will put stricter requirements in place.

“We will move to this much stricter global system, so we will have a consistent approach across all countries,” said White House covid coordinator Jeffrey Zients.

“It will require all foreign nationals to be vaccinated, to prove they’re vaccinated, and then to go through the testing and contact tracing regiments.”

Zients did not specify which covid-19 vaccines will be accepted by the United States, but in most of Europe and in Canada, only the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are recognized.

If the United States follows suit, many Mexicans who have received Chinese or Russian vaccines may not be allowed to enter the country.

Zients also did not say exactly when the new regulations will take effect, but said it should be in “early November.”

The new regulations also specify additional testing requirements.

As previously stipulated, all foreign nationals will have to be have an antigen covid test three days prior to departure to the United States and show proof of a negative result, but now unvaccinated U.S. citizens will have to be test within one day of departure and will be required to test again upon their arrival.

The CDC will also require airlines to collect information for each U.S.-bound traveler, including their phone number and email address, to aid public health officials in contact tracing.

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