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September is Mexico’s “Mes de la Patria” (national month), and there is no better way to celebrate the country than by dressing yourself in national products and giving yourself a Viva México glow.

Indigenous Jewelry

The culture and art of Mexico are fundamental treasures that capture the beauty and richness of the nation’s ancient past.

Photo: Oro de Monte Albán

And nowhere is that beauty more evident than in Mexico’s indigenous handicrafts, especially its traditional jewelry.

The Mexican firm Oro de Monte Albán, which has for decades been reproducing and preserving the cultural legacy of the country’s ancient Mixtec and Zapotec civilizations, has just released a new collection of filigree earrings in honor of the country’s 211th independence celebration.

Colgajos, handcrafted by Oaxacan artisans using super-fine gold and silver threads intertwined with precious stones, evoke the delicacy of lace and the mysteries of the pyramids of Monte Albán.

Oro de Monte Albán is a 100 percent Mexican-owned company that has been in existence since 1943, and is the only jewelry brand that has been authorized by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) to produce gold and silver reproductions of pre-Columbian art.

Photo: By Ápple

Apple of My Eye

When it comes to beauty, just like in food, one of the best approaches is to think global and buy local in order to promote sustainable consumption.

Fortunately, the Mexican cosmetic brand By Ápple offers a wide range of high-quality products for face, eyes and lips made from 90 percent natural ingredients. Recently relaunched with a Viva México campaign with a definitive rosa mexicana and Frida Khalo flair, By Ápple has a trademark super-voluminous OMG Volumen mascara packed with collagen and vitamin E, a look-at-me, peel-off liquid eyeliner, and an assortment of Jumbo Color Crayons for lips and eyes in five sumptuous fruity flavors (raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, blueberry and blackberry).

The brand’s compact powders and foundation makeups come in eight shades and have pore diminishing and radiance augmenting formulas that blend with skin’s natural tones.

Photo: By Ápple

By Ápple’s new fall collection also includes two make-your-mark lip liners and growth-promoting Uña Milagrosa nail polishes, plus a selection of BB creams that run the gamut in color from soft ivory to dark beige and a purified micellar water to cleanse and brighten skin.

By Ápple cosmetics are available via the brand’s online store and at select retailers across Mexico.

More Eco-Friendly Batteries

And speaking of the environment, a big thumbs up goes out to Energizer, the first major battery manufacturer in the world to produce a rechargeable cell that is made from 4 percent recycled batteries.

Photo: Energizer

Now available in Mexico, Energizer’s new EcoAdvanced AA, AAA, C and 9V batteries deliver long-lasting power while creating less impact on the planet.

And since they are rechargeable, you can reuse the same cells over and over again, without worrying about having to replace them as often.

By 2025, Energizer plans to increase the amount of recycled battery material in its EcoAdvamced batteries to 40 percent.

Energizer, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, was also the first company to remove mercury from alkaline and hearing aid batteries, and the first to create child resistant packaging to mitigate coin cell ingestion by children, along with an awareness campaign.

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