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After Mexico’s Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero, an official widely recognized for the blatant and shameless persecution of his perceived opponents that extends into members of his own family, used his power to launch arrest warrants against 31 scientists that revealed his history of plagiarism to the public, more than 600 academics have rallied in support of said scientists and denounced Gertz’s actions.

The head of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) had been accused of implementing passages taken word-for-word from texts dating back as far as 1939 into his entry application into the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt)’s National System of Investigators (SNI) by disgruntled SNI members, who believed Gertz did not hold the proper qualifications to be accepted into the organization, on July 7.

After the issues for arrest were launched, Federal Judge Gregorio Salazar denied the 31 warrants requested by the FGR, which would have put the 31 scientists into maximum security prison for allegations of collaborating with organized crime and illegal enrichment, though Gertz has insisted he will relaunch the arrest warrants yet again in his unbridled quest for vengeance.

Now, a letter signed by 614 academics from various institutions and universities across Mexico has denounced Gertz’s claim that these scientists were operating alongside illicit groups and embezzling funds, coming to their colleagues’ defense.

“The alleged crime, according to the FGR, was the ordinary delivery of resources that came from the Expenditure Budget of the Federation by Conacyt for the operation of the Consultative Forum, an organization recognized in the Science and Technology Law in force from 2002 to 2020,” read the document.

“It should be noted that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, considering the applicable regulations, as already ruled on Aug. 17, that it was legal for Conacyt to have granted public resources to the Forum Consultative for its operation from 2002 until the change of the Organic Statute of Conacyt on Feb. 17, 2020.”

As Gertz has used his powers to accuse his own niece of the negligent homicide of his brother, going so far as to putting her in jail for the unproven allegation, it’s clear that the Attorney General’s thirst for vengeance has yet to be quenched, and that this saga against the country’s leading scientists is far from over.


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