FGR Turns Blind Eye to New SLP Governor’s Financial Crimes

New San Luis Potosí Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona. Photo: Google


As Mexico’s Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) continues to wage war on the country’s scientific community, it has consistently  ignored the year-plus long evidence presented by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) outlining the Green Party’s new San Luis Potosí Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona’s alleged illegal enrichment and money laundering of 724 million pesos.

Back in August 2020, the FIU delivered documents to the FGR detailing Gallardo Cardona and his father Ricardo Gallardo Juárez’s, both former mayors of San Luis Potosí, purported crimes. The information also revealed a network between the government officials’ friends and families to supposedly move around the illicit funds, including Gallardo Cardona’s mother and sisters, taking place between 2012 and 2019.

Just in January of 2020 alone, Gallardo Cardona was accused of laundering 200 million pesos from the San Luis Potosí’s Mayor’s Office, and likewise linked to the criminal organization Los Zetas from a previous case seen by the FGR.

Gallardo Cardona was sworn into office on Sunday, Sept. 26, without any further action on the allegations against him seemingly imminent.

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